Community Service Academy Students Work With The Rookies "I had a partner down here and we started renovating some homes on Miami Beach and some homes on Pine Tree Drive.Justin Hunter Jersey I got involved in some commercial real estate as well. There were obviously a lot of opportunities back then. I wish I had taken advantage of more opportunities on the Beach. And once my sons got old enough I started followed them around a little bit." As his kids progressed up the football ladder, Bosa made it a point to support them without being pushy about it.Eli Manning Jersey "A lot of times people assume that if there is a football parent that they pressure and push their kids towards that," said Bosa. "And really that's not the case with me. I really wanted to expose the boys to all different sports when they were young. They played baseball, basketball,Eric Decker Jersey they played soccer, we hit golf balls, we hit tennis balls. "Obviously because of how my career ended I always worried about their health. So I kind of pushed them off (football) as long as I could and really let them enjoy other sports. But ultimately when they started to play youth football it was a foregone conclusion.Germain Ifedi Jersey I never pushed them. I never had to. They both have a passion for the game and it's what they excelled in. "I tell the story when I pulled up in my truck for a youth game and my boys put their uniforms on, one boy walked to one field and the other to another field. I just watched them both walking away and I thought to myself,Eddie Lacy Jersey `Oh, boy. They're football players.' They just looked it." Once he came to that realization, Bosa did what he could to help their development,Adrian Peterson Jersey both on and off the football field. "I lived east in Keystone Point in North Miami," he said. "It was a wonderful place to live when the boys were growing up -- on the water, jet skis, boats,Odell Beckham Jr Jersey a pool -- the South Florida lifestyle. But when it came to high school it's a little more challenging for high school choices when you live east. And obviously St. Thomas was just perfect for the boys as far as an education. It's a wonderful school, headed by George Smith,Amari Cooper Jersey who is an amazing guy. And the football is second to none. So I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, which is where I still live." Once Joey started to play high school ball,Richard Sherman Jersey Bosa was in a position to give up his construction business to concentrate on his family. "The older the boys got I wanted more and more free time to be able to travel and enjoy their athletic career," he said. "The last four years were hectic, when Nick was still in high school and Joey was at Ohio State. I kept some things going but I really wanted to make an effort to be there and watch them at their games.Arian Foster Jersey "I never missed a high school game, whether it was home or away. They played in Dallas, they played in New Orleans, they played in Alabama, but I never missed one. And there was a lot of traveling to Columbus and back. The nice thing was that there are a lot of really early flights to Columbus or some other places. So I'd watch Nick at a high school game on Friday night and get on a plane Saturday morning to watch Joey. I watched a lot of football and enjoyed every minute of it. And now I'll refocus from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday.